Is it possible to use SIP driver in iRidium server?

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In our project we have axis door station camera and it has SIP support in it.

I have set up SIP server and i can connect iRidium to it and use door camera with it.

Problem is that SIP client (i3 Pro) needs to be connected all the time to SIP server to receive calls from camera.

I have made iRidium server project and i am using SIP driver in it.

I it possible to use iRidium SIP project to communicate with iRidium server SIP driver?

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You can choose to use the SIP driver on the server. In this case, the server will receive notification of calls and send notifications to the panel. But in any case, the panels themselves connect to the SIP server and work directly with it, and not with the iRidium server.


Ok thank you for the answer.

So my camera client (103) is connected to SIP Server.

Also iRidium SIP Client (100) is connected to SIP Server.

When I push call button on door camera -> it will call for example to client 100 and everything works fine.

But if iRidium Client is not open it will not be connected to SIP Server so when i try to call iRidium SIP Client nothing happens of course.

Is it possible to run iRidiun SIP driver in background mode? So it would be online all the time?


The background mode is not available on the panel.

For your situation, you need to configure the simultaneous (or sequential)  call to the numbers 100 and 103 in the server's SIP settings, then the server will be able to send the PUSH to the panel and receive the call.


Yes but the problem is that i cannot make call to SIP Client if it's not online.


103 = Camera

100 = i3pro CLIENT

101 = iRidium SERVER


1. Set call from 103 to group (100, 101)

2. If 100 is offline, then 101 (server) will create the PUSH notification to the panel, and if user touch popup msg, i3pro will starting and registering on the SIP server. Call can be answered from panel after that.