Helvar Query Load Level

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Hello every one,

I am trying to query the load level from a led lamp which has the ID 1 on Dali subnet 1. I have a single cluster network and one 905 Router. The Routers' IP is x.x.x.20 and has one Dali subnet.  I am using the Helvar TCP driver to do so. I can call sceenes and set direct values to the light but cant get the feedback. 


On the Iridium-Helvar Driver Settup Guide there are the following parameters:

Cluster    1...253

Router     1...254

Subnet    1...4

Device    1...255

Can anyone explain the meaning of these parameters and how the settings for the input channel will have to be for my case?


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Cluster, Router, Subnet and Device is part of the string that is sent by the iRidium for Helvar.
If you specify the following parameters in the command settings:

then Helvar will get it:

V:1 this is Version 1
C:152 this is a Direct Level Device
@ this is the address of the device

Address should be taken from the project Helvar Designer (you probably have a different address).



You have to look in your designer file for these parameters. 

for example you have a router : . and on its first dali line you want to know the feedback of the 5th device your setting will be : 

Cluster : 10

Router : 1 

Subnet: 1 

Device : 5 

use timer YES  

Time : 1000