sort channels and feedbacks by name

Daniel Sebastiao 1 year ago in Ideas updated by Paulo de Almeida 1 year ago 3

It wold help

greatly the ability to sort the feedbacks and channels on drivers both on panel project and server project. I have a KNX IP BAOS driver with more thana thousand commands and feedbacks. 


Hi, thanks for the idea.
We are now reworking the look of the driver panel (commands / feedbacks) and there is a possibility of sorting and filtering. We plan that this version will be available in late autumn.


Also a suggest adding a search function on the server project, and on the panel project a search for pages and panels.

Also regarding searching, it wold help when having a driver selected, and using the search , not to jump around drivers, it can some times lead to mistakes, for example if I have if I’m searching for a command “POWER ON “ on a driver “SONY TV1” and it doesn’t exist the search should not jump to a “POWER ON” on A “LG TV”. 


Also making a folder in commands or Feedbacks would be nice. You could then sort them better in categories. Lets say Folder "Blinds/Curtains" or Folder "Light Circuits" for example