Best way to integrate Z-wave

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I am having a HDL system with IRidium server installed. But I also need a few z-wave devices in my house:

- Sensative strips for door/window status

- Danalock or August lock

The idea is for these to give current status to iRidium and to let iRidium control the door lock (and other devices) according to scene or command. 

As I understand, iRidium has js for Vera and Fibaro.  

What is the best (and "shortest) way to get this working?




Yes, we support the controllers Vera, Fibaro and z-wave.me. In addition, before the end of the summer we plan to release support for Z-Wave on the basis of our UMC server. Therefore, the fastest way is to use any of the controllers (Vera, Fibaro and z-wave.me)


thanks for swift reply! 

I have this server:


So I guess this is not the UMC. 

Which Z-wave controller would you recomment for best integration?

Yes, this server from HdlNordik - it is not UMC

Sorry, but I can not recommend a specific controller, because each of them is good in its own way)

Ok, thanks. I will start out with Vera .

kopren: Hi. I've some of the same plans. Can we talk? 

Sure, PM me here (if possible) or jkopren @twitter

Also an option is to a RPi with RazBerry addon. iRidium can also run on the same RPi or separate. I choose this option so I could stick with DIN-rail modules and put a RPi in a DIN case.

Thanks for your reply. If I understand you right, I will need a seperate RPI in addition to the one i have (HDL nordic rpi server)?

I have no experience with the HDL Nordic rpi server, so you should check with HDL if you can use RPi hats on their product.

I have iRidium and Zway server running on a single RPi with the RazBerry HAT. They communicate over HTTP API, so you could also run them on separate RPi's.


We prefer to stay away from modem type boxes and stick with DIN-rail modules to keep the install neat. There are multiple options for RPi, but I've never seen DIN-rail enclosures for other Zwave controllers.

Hello, for now you can use native driver for Z-Wave https://dev.iridi.com/ZWave


Sorry for delayed interrupt here, But recently I bought the zWave.me stick for testing the native driver and bought license as well as I planned some permanent demo.

Anyway, I have to say there is a big issue with your driver as according to support "sensors that have battery power option doesn't respond to iRidium poll requests" and as far as I know all zwave sensors has battery option

So the result was that I'm getting sensor values every about 1 hour, which made it basically useless. Motion included

Not sure if u tested this native driver with some sensors before but I would like to know some brand/model if any.


For battery powered sensors, the following rules apply:

1. After the server reboots, the correct status will appear only after the device "wakes up" - this is how all Z-Wave systems work. If it is a constantly running server it does not incur any inconvenience in work.

2. This does not interfere with receiving sensor triggering events instantly. At the same time, his status is sent. You need to monitor not the status, but the event from the sensor.

Thanks for getting back to me,

  1. Just to clarify, I'm powering the sensor via USB not batteries(but has option to power by batteries) and it was awake all the time then.
  2. I only get new values if I switch the sensor power off/On again, and not when I restart the server.
  3. Can't see Motion binary state updated at all

Also not sure what you mean by monitoring the event from sensor and not status, this is native driver and I only see get state commands, and state feedback channels.

I'm using setInterval function after consulting iRidium support to poll the sensor every 500ms:

===========poll script============

var Zwav = IR.GetDevice("ZWave Network");
function pollz()
Zwav.Set("Get state (Binary sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Luminance) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Relative Humidity) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Ultraviolet) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
Zwav.Set("Get State (Temperature) (Multilevel sensor)", 1);
IR.SetInterval(500, pollz);

==========end of script===========

Did you manage to install the z-wave smart lock ? I have Iridium server running on a Raspberry PI. I have been able to use z-wave dimmer and switches by use of z-wave usb dongle zwave.me, but are not able to the my Z-wave Idlock to work. It finds my device, but is not able to sync services, so I can not control it

I did. Sort of.  

I have a Danalock and a Vera Plus. They connect just fine, and I have been able to add it as a device in Iridium. After a few days of working just fine, the lock is now stuck in a loop. 

My goal was to get Alexa-control, but it seems like the z.wave locks are prohibited. If I can control it via Iri, I may bypass the problem. 

thanks, but which z-wave plugin are you using in iridium lite server ? Is the Vera plus used in addition to Iridium ?