Setup telegram in i3 lite

Govinda Raja 6 years ago updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 5 years ago 6

I want to understand the Telegram Setup in i3lite

Under review

Hello, Govinda!

All the actions that you need to do for module setup are presented in the "Telegram" module description. Here they are:

1. Press authorize button in the module.
2. Enter your nickname in Telegram.
3. Send the code from screen to @iRidiumMobileBot in Telegram.
4. Make sure, that you send the code in the module.
5. Use the "Send" action in the Telegram module. In the action you need to specify a message that will be sent to you from bot

I hope that helps. 

I have done this but it does not work. I have set up to send message when Gate open is triggered.

How long does the event need to last in order for this to work. Since in my use case, the trigger is a normally open circuit that is just closed momentarily to trigger the motorized gate opening.

Under review

We will re-test the module at Monday.

Message should be instantly sended to your telegram via bot after event trigger. 


We re-tested the telegram module and verified that the module works. 

Can you try to send the message again, please? I recommend you to use simple macro with the "Send" action and see if it works. If the macro works it mostly likely problem with the trigger event in your routine. 


Let us know, please, if you still need an answer.