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Hydrawise implementation into Iridium Studio

Mantas Jasiulis 6 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 1

Hello everyone,

I have a project where I have to implement Hydrawise watering system into "Iridium Studio" and be able to control watering zones from my app. Maybe someone already tried this or could help me out? This is their solution to the use of their API: link. I know that there is an example in the forums with oauth 2.0 implementation, but how do I implement it into Hydrawise?

Thanks in advance.

You can write me directly via email: mantas@bustoautomatika.lt

Under review

Hello, in this module https://iridi.com/download/software/v3/module/nest/ you can find the example for OAuth 2.0