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Access rights to users

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Can we set up access rights for each user so they only see certain rooms / devices etc? I was told this is not possible but its on the works. any idea when this might happen?



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We have plan about this function, but without ETA.

If there are a lot of votes for this feature, we will increase the priority in the plan.


Probably one of the most requested feature. Please implement this feature, waiting eagerly. I know you won't disappoint. 

It's possible to do I think, but it is complicated because much programming is required. For example in app there could be window where you choose user, then you are prompted for a password and let's say if password is correct then some kind of token is set to certain value, from that with a little help of JS you can create conditions, for example if user 1 is logged on (token is set to certain value) then don't show some popups or deny some controls and so on...

I have the same requirement.

Currently I have to use JS to prompted for a password then save list of allow page/button in JS var

if some page is request so some checking if requested page is in list of allowed list or not

or create invisible panel over some button that you want to locked and hide this  invisible panel if user password is allow to control those panel

So, it is very complex and hard to maintenance 

You probably confused the idea - it was a description for the i3lite product, and you describe the work in i3pro.

If you have an idea how to do this more convenient than JS scripts, please describe how you would do it.


"Access rights to users" is exactly what I'm missing for now.

I understand it takes a lot of development capacity/time, but after 2 years...

A short term solution could be to implement a system token with current login/username or -HWID. Based on that information we can control the visibility of items. As a kind of access rights.



oops...after some research I found:

This will do the trick for me for now. Setting access rights trough JavaScript depending on the Login and/or UserName.

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