Blur effect

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In your newsletter was an item about the new blur effect. I want to use that, but when I add this:

function Test (){
IR.GetItem("Popup 1").BlurEnabled=true;
IR.GetItem("Popup 1").BlurDepth=50;

Only the background from the popup will blur. When I use:

function Test (){
IR.GetItem("Page 1").BlurEnabled=true;
IR.GetItem("Page 1").BlurDepth=50;

Nothing happens.

I want to blur the content on the page behind the popup, not the popup it selve.

Is it possible to blur the page?



This is available only for the popup, after one version we plan to release this effect for the page.

I'm also interested to know when will this feature be added.

Although blurring a popup (or even a full page) is helpful, in order to get projects lighter and dynamic we need a way of blurring just the pixels behind the popup or item, without having to add the same image that was applied to the page to these popups or items.


The page blur feature was released in 1.3.5


Now you can blur the background from a page, not the items on that page.

I want to blur the whole page or popup, included all the items, when I open a popup.