2N iridium pro setup guide

Adir Peleg 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8


How do i use 2N IP verso intercom with i3 SIP Script ?

can i use it without sip server ?



To work with SIPserver is required (it can be built into the intercom server). We do not support the P2P mode when there are only 2 devices on the network (calling and receiving panel)

So . is there RPi sip server for free ?

what do you recommend ?

is there any guide ?

You can use any SIP server (3CX, Asterisk, PBX etc)

We have some guide https://dev.iridi.com/SIP-telephony/en#Setting_up_of_the_SIP_server

using 2n IP verso intercoom and Rpi Freepbx as sip server .

unable to make it work with iridium sip script.

any guides ?

What are the problems, describe in more detail. I gave you a link to the documentation, the configuration process is written there in detail.

Using Rpi Asterisk server is also good ? (So far i tried to setup using documentation you gave me but not luck).

i prefer using Rpi instead of PC

and i am not sure how to connect the 2n IP vero to the sip server

Can you please recommend  me which Sip server is the best to integrate with 2N and i3 pro ?


If you manage to install and configure Asterisk on a Raspberry Pi, it will work with our SIP driver. You can use Asterisk, 3CX. Links to instructions for different SIP servers can be found here.