UMC memory expansion for database file

Alessandro Munari 5 months ago in Ideas • updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 8

Hi, I noticed that the UMC server has a USB port. Is there any possibily to use this port to store the Server database ?

Maybe it requires some changes on server to select in wich path to store the database file.

If I use a 30Gb USB memory drive, I can store very large ammount of data into the UMC server.

Is there any possibilities ?


You can connect to UMC USB-flash. However, the storage path for the iRidium server system database is reserved. We do not recommend changing it.

You can create a non-removable user base. Then move the database to another media and create a link to the new location in the Database directory.

any idea on how to do this ?


mybase.Open('MyBase.db', true);

Here the true parameter is undeleted folder. Documentation here.

After creating the user base:

1) To stop the iRidium server.

2) Directory /mnt/mmcblk0p1/iRidium Server/DataBase/UserDB/ move to USB-flash.

3) Create a link in /mnt/mmcblk0p1/iRidium Server/DataBase/ to the moved directory.

Same method can be applied also if I have a network path. for example a shared folder on a server or NAS ?

or it is just working internally in UMC server ?

Do I need to mount the shared folder path ?


If you have a NAS, you need to mount your network directory to the local file system. We did not check whether it would be possible to mount on CIFS or NFS, as UMC was not planned for such tasks. However, you can try.

Hi i try a Little bit, but i'm not so good in Linux. When you have time could you please send me step by step instruction both for, usb- flash and network folder ?

i think It could be usefull also for other users.

many thanks

I know that when I select from the studio which variable to store it goes directly in the Iridium database. How can I choose in wich database to store the variable ?

I need to create script for that ? 

I think it will be good to add the popssibility to choose in wich directory to store the db file, and also allow, from the web server interface to select an USB or NETWORK path ... 

Don't you think is a good idea. The memory of UMC is very limited, but it can be expanded with USB drive or NETwork path (FTP, i.e) ...


1) Install, configure and start NFS server on another host.

2) Create or select a directory on the UMC to mount the directory using the NFS Protocol.

3) At the UMC, run the command:

mount -o port=2049,nolock,proto=tcp /export

Instead of "", specify the address of your NFS server. Instead of "share", enter the name of the directory on your NFS server. Instead of "export", specify the directory name on your UMC. After the command at the mount point "export"will be a remote directory"share".

Attention! UMC was not designed for such work and was not tested. Use at your own risk.