Different screenservers on different clients

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Installer has this question: can he enable/activate different screensavers on different clients?

For example: hotel with conference-rooms. Each conference-room has iPad, and on each ipad must different screensaver activated (for example dependent on room-number saved in a token).

Is this possible? and , if not, can it be implemented in the near future?




Hi, Theo

we have plans to add a call to the script function at the start of the screensaver. In it you can define the page to display.

But ETA for this functional is not yet defined.


would be nice that it would be possible in this script not only define page, but also to say IR not to show new page at all. This could be used to disable screensaver on some pages.


I think if it would be possible just to start a script instead of showing page on a screen saver event it would be more than enough. Or in interface you could add no_page and add event IR.SCREENSAVER_EVENT and let to subscribe to this event via AddListener.

Theo, I guess you could create an empty page, assign it to screensaver and then wrote a script that would show the necessary page. This screen could be assigned to EVENT_ITEM_SHOW of the empty page.

Hi a.pivovarov,

yes i think this is a good work-around
@Support: can you create a small example for this workaround? Until we have the new functionality available?




i will send it to my installer ;-)



Another feature related to screensavers would be to have the option to show a popup instead of a page. That way when the user touches the screen, only the 'screensaver' popup is hidden and all other pages/popups that were opened are still open.

But I guess having the option a.pivovarov describes (an EVENT_SCREENSAVER event) would be the best option.