how to create server routine for sunrise and sunset and location input format

Govinda Raja 5 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 11
  • The ability to activate the server routine at sunrise and sunset is added  - This is a new feature listed in i3lite new feature. Could you kindly point me to the documentation of how this can be achieved.
  • I have also noticed that latitude and longitude information can be entered for location, Please let us know the format that this data needs to be entered. For example if Google maps give me latitude 17.473117 and longitude 78.356412 what needs to be entered in the location input.
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We don't have documentation for it yet. The location needs to be entered in decimal degrees. We will add it soon. You can enter coordinates in float with any number of symbols after point. The value will be displayed in the regional settings in format DDD.DDDDD (so only 5 symbols after point will be displayed but we consider all the entered symbols even if there are more than 5).

Which menu can I find "server routine at sunrise and sunset" ? 

I am unable to find sunrise and sunset in routines.

To set the sunrise and sunset settings you need to create a server rutines. Next in the event "When" select the event type "Day and time." A window opens for selection: "Select time", "It's sunset" and "It's sunset"

Thank you for the response,

It would be nice if you include Sunset +- 00:30, Sunset +- 01:00 etc upto 2hrs and the same for sunrise as well.


Good day.

We are planning this feature in the future.

Thank you so much, looking forward for the implementation of this feature.

Hello, this function is not able on i3studio for i3 pro ? i can't find it on my server project routine.



at the moment it is available only for i3lite, but we are preparing this feature for i3pro now.