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Wouter van der Post 5 years ago updated by Ilya Markov (expert) 5 years ago 7

In the Events editor we can Hide a group:

But there is no way to Show a group...

How can I show a group of popups?



There is no action "Show group". You should open each popup from group via action "show popup"

As soon as I place the 2 popups in 1 group, and I call ShowPopup for each one, only one of them opens.

They are both in "New Group".

I call Show Popup 2 times:

Only "Menu" opens.

As soon as I remove them from the group, it starts working immediately.

Can you describe situations, where you need this feature?

I have a menu that consists of 2 popups. Each with a different effect.

The left part (not transparent) slides in from the left, the right part (partial transparent) fades in.

When I open and close the menu I have to have 2 IR.ShowPopup() and IR.HidePopup calls, I thought the grouping feature could come in handy now.

The feature of group is that you can't show more then one popup from one group. For example, you has Popup 1 and Popup 2 in Group 1. If you shows Popup 1 from Group 1 then Popup 2 will be hided automaticaly. If you want to show many popup, that located in one place, then you should use folders

Okay, I would've never thought this grouping feature worked like that. If I place the 2 popups in a folder, can I show/hide that folder at once?

No, you should opens each popup via "Show popup". You can create voting on this forum and if other users will vote to this feature, then we will develops it