Memory expansion UMC

Alessandro Munari 5 jaar geleden in Ideas bijgewerkt door Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 jaar geleden 1

Continuing the previous topic of Memory expansion on UMS server ....

I know that when I select from the studio which variable to store it goes directly in the Iridium database. How can I choose in wich database to store the variable ?

I need to create script for that ? 

I think it will be good to add the popssibility to choose in wich directory to store the db file, and also allow, from the web server interface to select an USB or NETWORK path ... 

Don't you think is a good idea. The memory of UMC is very limited, but it can be expanded with USB drive or NETwork path (FTP, i.e) ...


In iRidium Studio, you can only choose to save values to the system database. To save values to another database, you need to use JavaScript.