Taking parsed JSON and putting it into a Project Variable

Iain Brew 4 months ago • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 months ago 2

With thanks to this forum, I have been able to solve many issues with my current project. I have everything working perfectly now (using Philips Hue Dimmer switches to trigger various events/drivers etc in my system) however the only thing left which is stumping me is the ability to take a requested and parsed JSON value and have it written to a Server Channel/Tag:

//Get "temperature" number from motion sensor
            // SENSOR 2 TEMPERATURE
            var getTemperature = sensor2.state["temperature"];
            var tempreadout2 = getTemperature.toString();
            tempreadout2 = tempreadout2.slice(0,2) + "." + tempreadout2.charAt(2) + " ºC";
            IR.SetVariable("Server.Tags.Lab1_Temperature", "tempreadout2");

Here I request the temperature from a Philips Motion Sensor. When testing this on a panel project, I was able to send 'tempreadout2' to a text field and it worked. Instead, I want to send this to a Server Tag (named Lab1_Temperature) so that it can appear on any control panel subscribed to that feedback channel. 

What is the best way to 'insert' that text?

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