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iRidium Server on Raspberry Pi 3B+ Raspbian Buster

Melch 5 years ago in Other updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 years ago 3


I have a raspberry pi 3 model B+ running OS Raspbian Buster. I want to use it as a server on one of our projects using i3 pro. Is there a compatible iRidium Server for this?

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This model has not been tested for iRidium compatibility. Supported model 3B with Jessie. You can try, there is a chance that will work normally.

Hi....Testing on a Pi is Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3 - revision a020d3Download the 'with desktop' version from the site (SHA starts 49a6b8) directly (i.e. not torrent)SHA - checked fine using Quick Hash for Mac (Version 1.0 (13))
Imaged using Etcher for Mac (Version 1.5.30) with verification on to a Samsung 64Gb class 10 card (not new)
Image verification reported fine
Added blank ssh and my standard (Stretch) wpa_supplicant.conf files to boot via copy / paste.Booted fine in well under a minute.


Testing of Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is currently not completed. Therefore, the use of iRidium server on it is at your risk.