IP control of integra

Awais Amjad 5 years ago updated by Dmitriy Shilyaev 5 years ago 3

I want to integrate IP control of integra AVR DRX-R1 in iRidium i3 pro . i have found JS module for Integra DTR models with supported iridium version i2 Control V2.1. But it is not working with integra DRX-R1. Please guide how can i control integra AVR DRX-R1.


Now we have the Onkyo AV Receiver module for the i3 lite product, could you please test its operation in i3 lite, because we are not sure that this is the same API level.

If the module works for you, we can discuss porting it to i3 Pro.

I have checked Onkyo AV receiver module for integra AVR but its not working.


In this case, the API level that is implemented with us does not support working with this device.

We can manage this device if you request an API from the manufacturer and help us with the tests, since we do not have the necessary device.