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Project Update Ports

Mike Slattery 5 лет назад обновлен Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 3 года назад 7

What protocol and port is used during project update? I can get to the internet but cannot update project. The school is blocking the ports. I hope to be able to tell them which ports to open.

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If you upload a project through the cloud, you need access to the hosts:



(ports 80 and 443).

What is the Amazon server being used and are the ports the same? I have a location where the client can get to the internet but cannot locate the server.


For hosts iridi.com and iridiummobile.ru, the IP address is used. If you can log in to your personal account, then look at the project storage location. It may differ.

When trying to get project update we found that the panel is still trying to get to a location in Russia

I thought updates would be our area of N. V.


Host iridi.com it is used for authorization and related processes. Storing the project and downloading it must be from the location that is specified in your personal account.

What is happing is IT departments are blocking the iridi.com IP location making it very difficult to update the panels. Is it possible to setup a site on the Amazon servers to do the authorization. I still wish an enterprise version could be added that would allow projects to be loaded using file transfer. 

There are two options:

1) The IT department allows access to iridi.com for individual hosts (you can create a "white" list by MAC addresses). After authorization and downloading of projects, access can be closed.

2) Log in and upload projects to servers and panels from another network, and then bring them to a network disconnected from the Internet.

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