Maurits Roos 5 years ago in Other updated by Tatiana Kiselyova (expert) 5 years ago 5


I can not find Macros in the new Iridium Studio (x64)

Can you show where it is in the new software



The Programming window in which macros are created is opened with this button:

The Macro Editor window for an event is opened by clicking on the + button

Hi Tatiana

No not the programming Macros the macros that were in the Project Gallery of the old studio  

Tried  to merge a project and I had duplicate Macros and could not fine where to delete them I had to revert to opening project in old studio to delete


Saved macros are located here in the Macro Editor window:


In the old studio you could drag a project Marco from the Gallery to a button as a very quick way of putting commands on a button without having to open the Macros editor is there a way of doing that in new studio


Now there is no such possibility, but it is in the plans.