HDL IntelliCenter - i3 lite requirement

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I'm planing to buy new HDL IntelliCenter Model 2 for one of my customers high end home theater control.

Does any one know what comes with HDL IntelliCenter and what additional to be purchase from iRidium to create the project on it.


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The composition of the HDL IC2 package should be checked with the HDL company, but usually it is a controller + license for one of the products (Lite or Pro). If you have a premium object, then most likely you will need a pro license. If you describe the required functionality and equipment used, we can help you find the right license.

HDL IC 2 comes with iRidium server lite. Do I need to buy i3 lite licence to create a project ?


The HDL IC2 + i3lite package includes a license for a certain number of subdevices, until you exceed this number you do not need to buy anything else.

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