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UMC Server: how to share a folder over network

Alessandro Munari 4 years ago in Ideas updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 4 years ago 5

Hi , I would like to share a specific folder of the UMC server over the network.

The scope is to expose the userDB folder over the network, and use an external tool to build graphics. Instead of copyng the User.db file every single time.

Is there any possiblity ? Can you suggest how to do that ?


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From the available services on UMC, you can use an ssh server. Use ssh to mount the desired directory on the remote server.

ok, but how can i share the UMC server folder?

The method depends on the Linux distribution you use to connect to UMC. General information here.


sshfs user@remotehost:/path/to/directory /local/path

yes but before doing this, I should expose the directory over the network. I have to create a shared folder inside the UMC server. I can I create a shared folder inside the UMC server ?


To access via ssh on UMC, you do not need to configure anything separately. Use TCP port 22 to mount the desired directory via sshfs.