iridium lite multiple panels

Roxana Vremi 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 8

It is possible to have multiple control pannels when using Iridium lite?


Yes, it is. The license does not limit the number of panels on the object, but the interface on all panels will be the same (style, widgets and titles)

And I need an iRidium server to synchronise the pannels with each other?

The panels synchronize the project over the Internet.

And each panel connects to the equipment independently. Therefore, if you have 1-3 panels, then this works quite well, but many equipment does not allow the simultaneous connection of many devices, and in this case, using the server helps: only the server is connected to the equipment, and all panels receive information from the server.

Ah, I understand. Thank you.

I would have another question, if you are willing to help me. This is my first project in building automation, and I've never worked with iRidium before, nor my colleagues. If I want to do a complete automation ( on/ off lightning, dimming, HVAC control, stor control, solar pannel system, energy measuring) and I'm planning to use a Wago PLC, with different modules, I can integrate my project using iRidium lite? Or do I need pro ?

For such an object, I would recommend using i3pro. The i3lite product is designed for simple, not very large installations.