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How can I transfer an unused license to another account?

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If the license is not tied to the project, then you must write a request with a request to transfer it to the technical support mail support@iridiummobile.ru or the marketing department contact@iridiummobile.ru. In the request, you must specify the login of the current license owner, license key and the login of the integrator to whom it needs to be transferred. The request must be written from the mail of the current license holder. If the current license owner is an employee of the company, then the license belongs to the company, so the request must be written from the mail of the company administrator.

If the license is activated and linked to the project, it will be transferred along with the project. If iRidium Server is used in the project, then before transferring it, you need to deactivate it on the server web interface on the Cloud / Deactivation tab (for Pro) or delete it in the configurator on the Server tab (for Lite). After the transfer, the server will need to be activated or added again under the account of the new license owner

If the Lite project is transferred, then before transferring, you will still need to deactivate all the integrator and end user panels. To do this, you will need to sign out of the project and account on all devices.

Server Projects and Lite Projects can only be transferred to other integrators or DIY. Serverless Pro projects can be transferred to the end user. In this case, he will be able to invite other users, but will not be able to change the project. If you want to transfer the project to your customer so that he can change the project, use the server or transfer the Lite project, then you will need to create another DIY account for him (created by registering on the site, you will need another mail)