Database Backup and Restore

Kris 4 года назад в Ideas обновлен Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 4 года назад 1


It would be very useful to have a mechanism/API allowing backup and restore of the system database to/from the cloud. It could be private cloud storage or iRidium cloud. It would allow to keep the historical data in case server failure or other accidental data wipe. I understand that at the moment it is only possible by manual copying database file between devices/folders, which might be problematic in some cases.


Thank you for your suggestion.
If you want to store and process critical data, we recommend using full-fledged DBMS and moving data using DBMS tools. To access these DBMS, i3 pro has an ODBC driver (only for Windows server and client).
At the moment, we have no plans to add new tools for working with the built-in database.

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