How to make Akuvox SIP intercom work remotely, while not on local network?

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Basically I've followed your instructions on how to set up Akuvox intercom and it works fine when user is connected to the same local network as the intercom units, but what about when user is away from home and someone rings the bell?

This is just for sending push notifications and it's not even for Akuvox. What I need is Iridium interface for Akuvox intercom (like in the picture) to work remotely, so user can open the door, see video feed and answer a call from intercom interface. I repeat, all of this works but only when user is on local network.

To work remotely:

1. It is required to make the SIP server accessible from the outside (port forwarding or cloud server).

2. Set up PUSH notifications, as I wrote to you above.

3. Configure the SIP intercom to work with an external SIP server.

Only in this case you will have a completely remote mode of operation with the SIP intercom.

In what part of this work do you need documentation?

This is a question for the manufacturer of the device for setting up an external SIP server in a specific model.

Our instructions have this at the very beginning: https://dev.iridi.com/SIP_Akuvox/en

I have contacted Akuvox, here's what they said:

"Thanks for your share.

Actually, I look through the instruction. The sip server is provided by iRidium, and the server works locally. Please contact iRidium if there is possible that set sip server on iRidium mobile works on public network."

It seems to me that there is a misunderstanding.

How does SIP intercom works:

1. There is a SIP server (often it is inside an SIP intercom, but it can also be a separate SOFT (3CX, PBX, Asterisk etc). We do not supply a SIP server, but work with any SIP-compatible server.

2. There is a SIP intercom, which is a client of the server.

3. There is a SIP client (iRidium), which is also connected to the SIP server.

To work within the network, it is enough to use a server inside the intercom and connect iRidium to it.

To work via the Internet, it is necessary that the SIP server is accessible from the Internet, therefore, a third-party separate software SIP server is usually used.

Can't I just make that work with my existing local SIP server with DynDNS and port forwarding?

I think you can, but you need to configure your local server to send PUSH notifications to "wake up" the panel when you call. Our documentation contains examples of settings for some types of servers.

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