Sonos native driver vs JavaScript module

AlejandroG 4 years ago updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 years ago 1

I am confused about the two options for integrating Sonos in my projects. The native driver seems more robust and easy to setup and customize, but is lacking features the js module has, like browsing the library, not only the Sonos favourites.

which is the best option? A combination of the two?

Also noticed that the script detects automatically your players, and with the native driver you have to enter the IP manually. Sometimes I unplug my players and the IP changes, making the native driver unusable. Any way to solve this? 




Sorry for the late reply ...

The native driver is made according to open official documentation and supports basic commands and functions. If you have a simple project, it is best to use a native driver.

There are many functions in the script driver that were made by hidden commands and can be changed by the manufacturer at any time. Therefore, the scripting driver should be used with caution and when you know exactly why the client needs this functionality.

By changing the IP: the simplest solution now is to reserve IP addresses for players on your router at the MAC address. We plan to add to the native driver support for binding the driver not by IP, but by the unique serial number of the player (this is how the native application works).