iPad Don't Sleep Setting

Sorbodoekje 3 years ago updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 3 years ago 8

Under preferences I can put the i3pro app into "don't sleep" on iOS.

Is it possible to alter this option from javascript? 

If not, is it possible to build this into javascript in a future release?


Is it possible to answer the question. I will elaborate on this item. The app I am developing will run about 20 iPads on a luxurious sailing yacht. Normally the crew will sleep in their own cabin, but during transatlantic travel no guest are onboard and the crew will sleep in the guest cabins also. Now the crew needs to be able to be waken up, when an alarm is occuring. I will do this with the iPad, but therefore the app needs to be running all the time. So when the crew is sleeping in the guest cabin, the app needs to be changed into crew mode, then the app must go into "no sleep", brightness will go to as dim as possible, and the screensaver is just a black screen. Then the app keeps running, with the possibility to sound an alarm. So that is why I want to be able to chnage the  don't sleep" setting.


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This is a system setting and cannot be controlled from the application.

You've described an interesting use case, but why can't you put the app in "guide mode" forever? In this case, it will never sleep (only control of the screen backlight).

Hi Aleksandr,

Thank you for the response. That's a pity, but now I know it can't be changed, I can explain the crew why they will have to change the setting by theirselves. 

It is undesireable to have the screen in dimmed mode, because when the lights are off, the guest might complain about the light coming from the iPad. For the crew this is not a problem of course.

Again thank you for the response. 


What about this?

Found it a year ago somewhere in wiki i think, can't find it now...


i found the 'normal' option at this page: https://dev.iridi.com/Pro_System_menu/en

So, in my opinion, if the end-user can switch it off with a button, it has to be possible also to switch it off with JS??


Hi Sorbodoekje, you mean something like the normal behaviour of watching video's on your mobile phone. When not touching or using the phone in normal situation (like just browsing or reading text), the screen goes to OS screensaver mode after x seconds or minutes (your guest mode). But when you watch a video the screen stays on and the OS screensaver is not activated (your crew mode).

For youtube or other apps, it is possible to override the OS screensaver settings, so it would be nice with i3pro too.
Good day! Maybe my advice will help you.

Usually, when I use iPad in projects, on the tablet I turn off the auto-lock of the tablet and just start the "Access Guide" mode https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612

This is a great feature that prevents the user from minimizing the application. And in the project itself, so that the screen does not always burn brightly, I make a page - a dark screensaver with a display of the time, day of the week and weather, which starts after 5 minutes of non-use. Also in the project you need to select the activation of the screensaver.

I've found the following setting:


This setting does change the  "Don't Sleep" setting in the iPad settings!

The setting "Global.DisableAutoLock" doesn't work.