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MS exchange

joris bosma 3 года назад обновлен Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 3 года назад 1


I'm working on an MS exchange application, where we display the calander for a conference room.

It seems either the login isn't working (does this need to be an email or an actual usernamer?) or I'm doing something wrong in the GetCalender method.

Is there any for of error logging?

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function GetFirstEventData(eventList, email)
for (var key in eventList)
IR.Log(eventList[key]) // Here will be what comes from MS Echange.

FirstDate: "2018-09-16T07:00:00Z", // Enter the actual date in your calendar.
LastDate: "2019-12-20T07:00:00Z", // Enter the actual date in your calendar.
Email: "support@mydomain.ekb", // Enter your email address for which there is a calendar.
Callback: GetFirstEventData});

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