Incorrect Total tags in server project

Wouter van der Post 3 years ago updated by Tanapol E. 3 years ago 5


I have a server project with 2 drivers:

Image 48962

The total tags count shows 17. I only have 3 commands and 3 feedbacks. Where does this 17 come from?



The total number of tags includes:

1. Feedback channels (you have 3)

2. Virtual tags (you don't have them)

3. Driver tokens

Okay, but we (as end users) have no influence over the Tokens. So in my opinion it makes to sense to automatically include these in the count of the tokens. We only use the Online and HostIP token and all others can be left out for us because at the moment they do count for the license (Starter: 50 tags, Basic: 250 tags, etc).

If I make a Token private it should not be included in the Total tags count:

Hello, this topic has been ‘completed’ but I still have questions about it (and posted the question after it was set to completed).

Do I have to open a new topic for this? 


Hello Wouter

Sorry that the specialist did not answer you right away.

This is part of the licensing system and cannot be changed. Just keep this fact in mind when calculating the number of tags in a license.
Hope for your understanding.

As a workarround 
I think you can set Tag "On server" option to "False" so it will not count as tag and can not use
but i'm not sure if this option works default tokens or not