button item with scrollable text

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It would be great to have a similar property to Wrap Text in a Button item called Scroll Text.   When this is enabled and the length of the text exceeds the size of the button then the text becomes scrollable.




This is actually really necessary. If we could get scrollable text boxes/items that would greatly help!

I'm sure I'm not the only one looking to add a disclaimer and perhaps a terms of use in their app that must be acknowledged before the screensaver will unlock. This ensures that the person using the interface with any devices knows the limitations or the consequences of their possible misuse of the interface. I can foresee that being a great asset for many buildings that allow people to use their systems for room control etc. I specifically need it to inform the user of the risks of operating a machine with the interface.

Currently, I'll will make several popups or pages that are linked with buttons to display all of the text. This is not fluid on the interface making it feel clunky so I'll have to change this once the feature is available. Thank you!