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Iphone 6 going to Black screen

Maurits Roos 8 лет назад в Приложения / i3 Pro обновлен OwenBeck 3 года назад 18


Have a custoner that Has a Iphone 6 running IOS 9.3.3 when running i3Pro phone keeps going to black screen to get back has to power phone down and re power is there an issue with Iphone 6

Also we have this problem.

Sometimes with iPhone 6S, but also with iPhone 6Plus.

When starting the i3 Pro, a black screen is showed.

If we close the i3 Pro, and then restarting again, sometimes again the black screen is showed, and we have to close it again.

Then, after 2 or 3 times restarting the app, the 'normal' startup-screen is showed.

Please fix



Same problem over here, iPhone7 with iOS10 shows only a black screen when i3Pro is started.

The same project starts ok everytime on an iPhone6 / iPhone 5S with iOS10.

Please fix.

Here still the same problem too...

iPhone 6, ios10 shows only black screen when i3 pro is started

please fix, this is not 'accidentally'... New Zealand and The Netherlands have the same problem with the same software...

Please fix

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Hi everyone,

The same project starts ok everytime on an iPhone6 / iPhone 5S with iOS10.


iPhone 6, ios10 shows only black screen when i3 pro is started

The same devices and OS.

Please, give me a test project. I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear "I can repeat it with any project" =), please, give me any project, if this mistake repeats with it. Thank you!

And, what version iOS10 do you use? 10.1? 10.2?


does black screen still happens?

5 minutes ago, same issue (26-6-17). Not the first time, experiences many times now.


iPhone 7

ios 10.3.2

i3 pro latest version

Black screen when booting i3 pro app. No bootlogo iridium, only black. Then after 10 secs, app crashes, but is still in app chooser available. So when I press homebutton 2 times, App is there! But with black screen.

Now, after 10 minutes, want to make a video of the booting issue. And.... app starts normally.

See also image app chooser:

In app chooser screen is always black when switching from another application.

iPad, iPhone

I think it is a different case. Please, send to support@iridiummobile.net your project. I mean it is a problem with project.

I don't think so Alexandr.

Check the video (7 days from date post max)


Please build a fix. Thank you in advance.

When you quickly switch the application to the background and back, a black screen may appear - this is a feature of iOS10. Does this happen in normal use?

Your question seems a little bit -off topic- It has nothing to do with app switching/chooser.

The issue is: app crashes with cold-start and not in memory. See video.

But the answer to your question: yes, app switching gives a black screen when in app-chooser :)

See whats happening: 

WhatsApp Video 2017-10-12 at 15.04.48.mp4

This customer has to delete the app daily to get it up and running again...

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We have made some corrections to version 1.2.4, and many have solved the problem of the "black screen". Please, write, who after the update did this error persist?



I didn't see the problem any more since we've installed 1.2.4. Also our customers with frequent problems (minimal 2 times a day) reported no problems anymore.


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