Studio merges adjacent drivers

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 8 years ago 5

Question to support:

Why does the editor merge two neighbouring drivers with the same settings?This sort of behind the scenes manipulation that the installer has no control over is really frustrating.Please change the Editor so it does not merge drivers with the same settings. If an installer has two drivers with the same settings, it is done for a reason :)

Response from support

For some drivers is unacceptable to have the same settings, for example the driver to work with serial port. You can't create two driver to work with the same COM port. The same rule applies to UDP connections.

Of course, for TCP connections this rule does not apply. So you can write as an idea on the forum that the editor do not merge the two TCP drivers.

Please change the editor so that only adjacent UDP or Serial drivers are merged, and not TCP or HTTP etc.


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In some cases, you need to use two drivers with the same settings?

Hi Aleksandr

Yes :) Most often when using my scheduling driver, but other times also. The drivers are separate as this much easier to manage and re-use in projects. The drivers will have the same connection settings, but different commands/feedback.

Eg I have a scheduling driver, and a clipsal cgate driver. The scheduling might be sending to the clipsal cgate driver, and needs to connect separately to use the scheduling driver commands and feedback. (Clipsal Cgate accepts multiple connections)

In another project the scheduling might be sending dynalite commands and so both drivers connect to dynalite.

Do you think that you want to disable merging all drivers? Without exception?

For us, this issue is also relevant.

We need to use many drivers with the same settings.

Yes. If I want to merge drivers, I will do it myself.

But, as this is existing, some others may be relying on this or using this feature unknowingly.

So it should probably be an optional setting