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IF, THEN, AND, OR... condtions and math operations in GUI Editor

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 лет назад в Приложения / Studio (Server editor) обновлен Lance Price 8 лет назад 3

Installers need regular expressions in the GUI Editor. Examples: IF... THEN, IF ... AND ... DO ....; value 1 + value 2 = value 3, etc.

We need this, so prevent installers using Javascript to make simple logical functions with values, commands etc.

Please vote for this idea when you agree with me!



Those are conditionals, not regular expressions.
As you might have guessed Theo, this wouldn't be of much help for me personally but I do think this could be a great stepping stone for installers to get used to working with javascript. This way they don't have to relearn everything when they need even more functionality.
Therefore this is my suggestion:
Would it be an option to integrate something like the current iRidium Script Helper into the Macros panel? You could then possibly drag an IF statement into the macros, fill in the fields and Javascript Code comes out as a kind of script call macro.
Please let me know what you think!

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Indeed, Theo. these could go with the macro cancel idea. If we could make logic arguments and get variables in the macro editor there would be a significant decrease to the experience needed for most installations.

If we had a 'cancel Macro command' too, this would allow us to write script conditions inside the macro and then cancel if the conditions were not true. Same can of course be done purely in java, but it's about the platform being more user friendly and not requiring me hire java experienced people inorder to prevent incurring the cost of a steep learning curve before a few simple actions can be performed.

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