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sip in server

Benno Evers 8 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated 7 years ago 3


Does anybody have experience with the use of SIP client in iRidium server?

I want to use the server to notify a user of a call from a intercom. I do this by sending a command string to the music system which then plays a sound.

It looks like the sip client in server disturbs the (external) sip server. I've tested this with 2 different intercoms and sip servers. In all cases it looks like when iridium server (with an sip client) is active the communication with other sip clients (iridium clients) is getting instable.

Tested with Mobotix and Dahua.

Thanks Benno

Waiting for user's reply


At the moment, the driver of SIP cannot be used on the server. It can only be used on the client. In order to implement the specified functionality, you can added to the server project the virtual tag. Then when the control panel has received a call, then you need to write to the virtual tag any value. And in the server project add a global listener which will see a change in the virtual tag and send the command to the music system.

But than my client needs to run 24/7. That's the whole purpose of the server right? The smartphones and tablets aren't running 24/7 so this won't work like this. Any idea when it will be possible to use SIP in server?



Any idea when this will be implemented? Now we can use push notifications, but we cannot use it together with the SIP driver as the SIP driver doesn't work in iRidium server...