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Saving Project Tokens

Mike Slattery 8 лет назад в Приложения / i3 Pro обновлен Jackie Roos 7 лет назад 12

I am trying to save Project Tokens, when I cycle power on the PC the Token is not being saved.

This does work on my PC when I emulate, but not on the project PC. The project PC is running Win 10 Home.

var myPassword = "1234";

temp = IR.GetVariable("Tokens.Password");
if (temp === undefined)
IR.SetVariable("Tokens.Password", myPassword);
myPassword = temp;

button to save new password

IR.SetVariable("Tokens.Password", myPassword);

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As I understand it, you have not stored the token value when you switch off the power to the computer? If so, it is likely that this value is not stored due to improper closing of the client i3Pro. If the client i3Pro correctly closed before shutting down the computer, the token will stored normally. Also check that you have not checked Clear token in the project settings.

Hi Mike

I raised this as an issue some time ago, but cannot find it now. For iRidium to save a project token, the app must be closed, as the saving of tokens does not happen till then.

We use Windows Scheduler to power cycle a PC once a week, and then in iRidium, using schedule to close iRidium at the appropriate time. See attached project :) CloseiRidiumSchedule V1.irpz


Yes I do store the token, but the PC is being powered off and the app is not closed. I will try what Jackie suggested. It seems that the app should store these, since you never no when power can be lost.

IR.SetVariable("Tokens.Password", myPassword);



How about adding a command to save the project tokens instead of having to close the project?

I converted the program to iPad, but cannot get it to save the tokens. I have no issue with the PC saving the tokens, since I added a save button to exit and restart the app. Also is there an API call to clear the tokens so I can set the project back to default?

I found that using IR.Exit() will not save the tokens, but closing the App nomally will save the tokens.


In what version of i3Pro do you checked this? Have you checked it on the computer or on a mobile device?



I would like to see the possibility to really write the data to 'disk'. We never know how a user will shut down the application. So there is a big chance the application isn't closed the right way and we lose the data. This also is possible with iRidium server, whenever there is a power failure we will lose the data we planned to save.

And! this behaviour changed from i2 to i3. So just converting projects from i2 to i3 is dangerous because on first sight your project works, but after a reboot/powerfailure/whatever settings or values aren't saved!



Unfortunately, at the moment, you can guarantee to save your data only in the database on the server. In order for the user database was not deleted when the server restarts, you can save it in the folder where is stored the system database. For this you need to add the argument "true" in the method of opening the database.

For example:


It should be true as the default state!

Last time I tested this was version 1.0.5.

If there is a method to save the Tokens when the program is exited, there should be a method to execute a command to save Tokens.



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