Save Time when Running Emulator, Sending to Transfer and Saving

Jackie Roos 8 jaar geleden in Applications / Studio (Server editor) bijgewerkt door Paulo de Almeida 7 jaar geleden 7

Can we please look at reducing the time it takes to

1. save and run the emulator (by the way this should not say 'save' as it is not saving)

2. save and send to transfer

3. save the project

Why does it needs to save before running the emulator or sending to transfer?

On a reasonable sized project this can take 30-40 seconds. This is way too long. I use other professional programming IDE's and they do not take this long for similar sized (MB) project

This is a major frustration


agreed! this is similar to this request: http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/630473-external-js-editor/

It has quite some votes already.

Hi, to clarify I am not asking for an external JS Editor - for most people this would make things more complicated, not less, so if done it should be an option (and I have left this comment on the request)

The existing system needs to be much much faster when saving, sending to transfer and runnging the emulator.



Yes, I think you are right. I mentioned it because i can imagine both things would require the same kind of changes but the one does not necessarily require the other.

Waiting for user's reply


How are we going with this?

For me, the problem of long save times is now exacerbated due to having the additional F6 to transfer:

F5 runs the emulator for client projects

F6 sends to transfer, added for server projects

After doing a lot of server scripting, when now working on a client script I am constantly pressing F6 when I am on client projects, have to wait till it does its thing, which can be 30 seconds for a large project, and then hit F5 which is what I really wanted. This is wasting so much time!

What is even more frustrating is after doing a save to send to transfer, when I then correctly hit emulator it does a save again - when nothing has changed.

Is this scheduled to be looked at soon?


I have the same issue..... My project is quite large and this constant saving before launching emulator is so annoying. It is time that the Iridium team streamlines the workflow of this process. Time is money for all of us developers so this issue should be on top priority list.