SIP audio quality problems

Damian Hartin 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Verevkin Dmitry 6 years ago 3


I seem to be getting very poor audio quality whilst testing with the iRidium SIP client examples (and my own test projects)

I am running a standalone SIP server (Incredible PABX) and have tested with all the codecs available in the iRidium project and the various echo cancellation/noise suppression/voice activation etc...

The audio is either has massive echo/feedback or is extremely broken/jagged.

On the two iPads I'm using for testing, if I run Zioper (for example) the audio quality is pretty much perfect, so it can't be my PABX implementation.

Anyone else had similar issues? What other options do I have with iRidium?



Hi - any chance I could get some feedback on this?


I have same problem. With last release, audio is good, but it's still under quality of other app.

I test the driver with 2 different PBX (MyPBX on Yeastar SOHO and RasPBX on raspberry), with 3 different client (Zoiper, Vasercontrol and iRidium) and on 3 different device (Notebook with Windows 10, Gigaset Maxwell with Android and iPad with iOS10).

Any configuration have a Fastell doorstation as answer device.

iRidium is the bad client for audio quality, it have a "metallic" effect on the voice, but I can speak with my partner.

Hi everybody met this problem - it seems no chanse to get any feedback from support :(

Коллеги, 10 месяцев прошло, неужели так ничего и не удалось исправить. У нас те же самые проблемы.

Или так как модуль распространяется бесплатно - то и рассчитывать на поддержку - не приходится??