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i3 Pro projects running VERY slow on iPad.

TuomoHautala 8 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by zied 6 years ago 13

I updated one of our projects from V2 to V3 and after that it started to run VERY slow when i transferred it to i3 Pro. I am using iPad Air 2 with iOS 10.0.2.

Before update project was running just fine with i2 Control on iPad Air 2 with iOS 10.0.2.

Hi Tuomo,

Do you have SIP in the project?


Hi Theo!

If you mean Session Initiation Protocol, then no I don't have that in my project.

I also tried to change renderer but that did not help.

Is there any ideas what might cause this?!

I cannot go back to i2 Control because ip cameras won't work with new iOS!

And now i cannot use i3 Pro because projects are working very slow on iPad.

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Could you send your project to us on the mail support@iridiummobile.ru

I reinstalled i3 Pro and after that everything seems to work OK again.

Seems like there is still a slow performance problem in my clients iPad with i3 Pro.

I have same project on i2 Control and i3 Pro in same iPad.

i2 Control is running very smoothly and there is no problems at all. Except camera feeds are not working.

i3 Pro is not running smoothly. It is working very slowly and I know our customer will get very upset about that.


Did you receive my answer?

In your project is very much used by the listeners for the event EVENT_WORK.

We strongly recommend not to use this listener. It very strongly loads system and it can slow down.

If you need periodic execution of a function, it is better to use IR.SetInterval or IR.SetTimeout

Yes thank you.I replaced all EVENT_WORK:s with IR.SetInterval but project is still very slow.

Is there any cause for this? I made a test where i removed all EVENT_WORK:s, and all IR.Setinterval:s.

I also removed many popups but project is still very unstable on my iPad.

This has clearly something to do with new i3 Pro because on i2Control projects run VERY smoothly and there was no issues at all.


Unfortunately, we are unable to repeat your problem on our iPad AIR2 with iOS10.

What version of I3Pro are you using?

I am using i3 Pro 1.0.8

Ok thank you for responding. That is VERY weird because I have 3 iPad Air 2:s with newest iOS and all of them are running very unstable with that project.

We are still trying to solve this problem and we noticed that always when Script garbage memory collected, it causes a project to run unstable and UI will cut out for a moment!

Is there big difference between i2 Control and i3 Pro regarding memory usage?

Thanks for the info! We will try to check it