iRidium Server Driver Unmanagable in large projects. Please change.

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by ai-systems@bk ru 8 years ago 1

In a client project, iRidiium server combines all commands and feedbacks into one big driver.

In my current project with 6x Global Caches, 2 x Integras, Full Lighting, alarm system and MRA, this makes up to 1000 commands all in one long list.

To top it off, the commands/feedback are ordered by the order they were synched, so the commands/feedback may not be anywhere near the rest of the commands/feedback for that driver.

This makes it very slow going and frustrating to find what I want

The search at the top does not make it any faster.

Please Please Please


1. enable separate server drivers in the client, connecting to iRidium server on different ports (the way iRidium Gate works)


2. Add folders to iRidium Server in the client, matching the name of the drivers. Making it much easier and faster to find commands

YES!!! We need it!! Panel project binding its like "hell branch" for installers!