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Paulo de Almeida 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Marco Tanis 7 years ago 5

The new "Scheme" in Iridium Studio. How does it work ? I could not find any help Info about it.

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Hi. Look a webinar, (in Russian) since 1.28.00 according to schemes.



This functionality is not brought to the end, that's why there is no documentation. But it works like other programming languages FBD.


I am trying the new schemes, i made a scheme and i want to test it in the emulator but it doesn't work.

Does the scheme functionality not work in emulator?

To make sure the scheme i made wasn't the problem i made a simple one, from tag ----> to tag connected to project tokens

Hi Marco ;-) !

Yes, it's working in the emulator, but you have to 'activate' the scheme.

Press one time outside the Graphical blocks, and see the properties at the left side. Please fill in the timer, and select 'True' in the Autostart timer:



Hi Theo

Thank you very much!