Simultanious connections to networkdevices

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2


A customer wants to create a control center, to monitor all networkdevices in one dashboard.

With a driver token (online) or by a setting up a connection to the device and monitor these connections.

But the question is: how many connections iRidium mobile can handle?

1) by controlpanel directly to all networkdevices

2) by iRidium Server

Are there limitations ? or not?




Hi Theo

You better use POPEN on Server to Ping the devices that you want to monitor.

It is incorrect solution to use the driver just to check if the device is there. If you use this way, each device have to be configured different, some devices drop the connection if you don't send a data. If the driver is offline, server slows down to try to reconnect, such connections load the server with useless data.

So if you want to get the online status of device, just ping it sometimes with POPEN.

iRidium is not a network management tool, when you init connection, it means you plan to control the equipment, so many internal processes starts and load the server. Please use the specialized management tools to monitor and setup the network equipment.

Hi Kaaty!

Thanks for advising POPEN; it's good to know.

But: if we (the installer) want's to use POPEN, are there limitations? i think a couple of devices, checked by POPEN is no problem?

Can you say anything about that?