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Access violations when adding images

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated by Iain Brew 8 years ago 4


When running the iRidium Studio App on Windows 8, when dragging images from the gallery on to a page, quite often I will get ‘access violation’ messages. Or, the image will appear as a tiny square, then disappear.

Upgraded to 1.0.8 and the problem still exists

Image 15912

Image 15915

Image 15916

I have also had this error pop up now when dragging across from the gallery. Restarting the app seems to help, or changing the view from list to thumbnail and back (sometimes)

Under review

Hello! We found a case when able to repeat the Access Violation and Invalid Pointer Operation sometimes, but without image disappearing yet.

We'll try to find all the reasons and fix it asap

great, thank you :)

Thank you for this! If it is useful, I can send you my project file in case it's a particular issue relating to my project.