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Problem SIP video

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I have a problem with SIP video see image

Image 16047

Not a good video call with SIP video.

What's the problem. and can you fix this?
We want to do a lot of projects calling in concern with video



I miss also the push notifications on iOS and Android?

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Unfortunately, our SIP driver supports not all video codecs. It can work with only two codecs H263 and H263+

Try to disable one of them. For this go to system settings of the client and go to tab Drivers. Then put near the one of the video codecs - 0. Like this

If this does not help, it is better that you use a direct link to the video stream, as described in our Wikipedia.

you think in the future that the video between a Windows PC and IOS and IOS and IOS is going to work?

it is important so that we can sell this in the care

It works on H263 + see image.
The picture quality would be better.
The Apple iPad Pro 12 '' does not SIP video crast than iridium.

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