Make add feedback like adding a command

Jackie Roos 9 jaar geleden in Applications / Studio (Server editor) bijgewerkt door Oksana (expert) 8 jaar geleden 3

When adding feedbacks, we currently have to use the mouse to select Value, Text or more...

Image 10413

= Multiple mouse click

Can we please change this to be a form like adding commands,

- so it remembers the last selection

- we hit the enter button does the ok, the same as adding commands.

= after the first feedback is done, we then have one mouse click and one keyboard enter to add subsequent feedbacks of the same type.

This will be much much faster, and we don't have to use the mouse quite so much


i think you have to explain in detail what you mean; otherwise it's not exacty clear for programmers what you mean.

I understand you, but sometimes it's very difficult to explain to programmers what we want.

Please make a step-by-step procedure what you want, and in what way...




Something like this perhaps: