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Change font and font size by script

r riksma 9 лет назад в Приложения / i3 Pro обновлен Andrey S 7 лет назад 5
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We have to be able to change font type and size of items that are created by javascript.
With this feature we are able to create more dynamic and better looking designs.
The only workaround I know of consists of creating images for every piece of text, multiple times (for every state).

This has been an important improvement:
Please keep up the good work.

My installers are also asking for this improvement; specially Javascript programmers that want to create their own items with all necessary properties.

Please implement this improvement.


Just wanted to let you know that this is indeed a big issue for me as well and I would really appreciate a solution.


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IR.GetItem("Страница 1").GetItem("Item 1").GetState(0).FontSize;
Receipt of the font size with the help of the script method (item name.GetState(0).FontSize)

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