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Function to validate against passwords set in Transfer

Wouter van der Post 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1

In Transfer it is possible to set 4 passwords that you can use for a button functionality to become 'password protected'.

However I would like to design my own password screen/popup and would like to be able to validate the entered password against one of those 4 passwords. Is there a way to "get" one of those passwords in JS? Or validate a string against them?

Something like:

if(IR.ValidatePassword([password string], 1, 2007) {

The "1" parameter indicates which of the 4 passwords should be used, could be an enum too.

The "2007" parameter is a default value to use in the emulator, since you cannot set one of the passwords there.

In addition to validating the password it would also be extremely helpful if I was able to get the number of characters a password consists of.

To be able to dynamically build up the screen it is necessary to know how many characters are expected.

For example:

var passwordLength = IR.GetPasswordLength(1);