All questions and answers here in englisch please!

Martin Lang 8 years ago updated by Andrey S 7 years ago 4


would it be possible here for all people to write questions and answers in englisch please!?

My englisch is not very good, but i try my best. but sometimes there are interesting topics and questions here in the forum, but the answer from iridium or others is often in russian. I know, iridium is a russian company, but it is used worldwide, so please, switch to englisch.


best regard,

martin lang


Sorry, but we can not force our Russian-speaking users to write in English. If the question is asked in Russian, and the response to the Russian ...

a good tool is google translator on google just copy and paste, it works well


We don't agree.

our installers are ASKING for English questions and answers on this forum.

For Russian questions/problems, there is a Russian forum!