Force a trendchart autoscale?

Martin Lang 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 7


the autoscale feature in the linear trendchart is ok, but when the app is running 24/7 on

a iRidium panel, the scaling doesn't recalibrate after a while. closing and starting the app

again scales the range to the actual timewindow. but, how to force the trendchart to force a new autorange scaling? is the a JS command you can send to the item?


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Under review

Hi! Can you please describe how it looks like? The Y axis stop the scalin, and you see that the graphic goes outside of scale?

The "upscaling" works fine, if a value higher the current view-range came up or below the current view-range of the y-axis, the graphic scales right. But then this scaling stays up forever. For example, we have a temperature sensor of a solar panel here. Winterdays, cloudy. The temperature stays at around zero degrees, little up little down, maybe 10 degrees up/down. When you start the iRidium panel in this situation, all is good you have a good resolution on the y-axis from lets say -2°C up to +10°C. So now the sun comes out and the temperature goes up to +90°C. All is working fine, y-axis scales so the max. value of +90°C is displayed correctly. Now the sun is gone and there are again a few cloudy days, temperature sinks down to around 0°C little up little down. But the y-axis max. value stays at +90°C and doesn't "fall" down to for example +10°C. even if the displayed timewindow is 1day, and the temperature is down below for 3 or 4 days. So you just see a line of the temperature at the bottom of the trendchart, but with a bad resolution. I think it would be the best when the values doesn't reach the limits of the y-axis scaling for around double or tripple the time of the x-axis time window, the y-axis should autoscale again to show the values in better resolution.

Another example is to use the trendchart as a power consumption chart in a house. Normally the value is for example around a few hundred watts, but can peak up to a few thousend watts. In this case, also the scaling would never reset back to a good viewing resolution when the power consumption stays at low levels for a longer time period.

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At a moment scale checks the maximum tag value and doesn't check if it is visible or not. We'll reconsider the algorithm, thank you

Maybe a "auto-reset-scale" solution and/or a javascript command that could be triggered when pressing on the trendchart to do a new auto-scale when the user wants it.

It just have to consider only the visible values, it can be made automatically