changing projects

Thales Cavalcanti 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated 7 years ago 3

Is there any way to came back to the first start page when I am in the project aap, to change the project if I have more than one?



To change the project, you can use the project menu. of the mobile device from left to right starting from the left edge.

Or, if you work in an emulator on a PC, it is sufficient in the emulator window, press F7 on the keyboard.

In this menu you can choose where you can download the projects. From the cloud or open a local project that is loaded through the Transfer. More about this you can read in the section on the website dedicated to licensing.

Hello, my question is when I was with my project opened, How can I came back to project menu page to change to another project?


I have already answered you on this question. If you want to return to the login page, then in the project menu you need to go to settings and click on "Welcome".