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feri setiawan 7 years ago in Applications / i3 Pro updated 7 years ago 7

hello how to program scene button master All On/Off in the i3 pro....


Hello, please see the sample (JS)

It shows how to send a macro command without script but see the status of the group on the sibgle item. If a single device from the group is turned on, the group is on so the command " turn off" will be sent from Trigger Button

group actions sample.irpz


This does not match what I expected,I want one button to turn on the lights all and can turn off all the lights

It is exactly that you expected and a little more. You have to drag & drop all the light channels to the one button to be able to swith them all, just look at the button settings in sample.
With the script you can see if one of lights turned on or all of then off. But you can make a scene buttons without it (see Programmings settings of a buttons).

You say "all lights", but it could mean "all in room" "all on the floor" "all in door", and a sample will be ok for all of this variants. Just learn the sample

Hi this is success eka thanks

how to turn on the light channel using scripts? and there are examples of projects on condition IF,, ELSE and CASE in iridium i3 pro

just make a button like for one channel, then drag'n'drop other channels as action too sending them the same value. but make a short delay between each channel with 20-50ms.

you have example the projectt?